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Producer Patrick Rivera is thrilled to embark on the production of a film centered around the life of Mary, recognizing the opportunity to bring to light a story that has not been widely explored. Teaming up with his good friend Daric Gates of Bad Idea Entertainment, Patrick eagerly anticipates the collaborative journey ahead, eager to combine their talents and bring this untold narrative to the screen.

Director Daric Gates has penned a poignant and captivating script entitled "Virgin Birth," which unravels the remarkable story of Our Lord's Mother, Mary. From the Annunciation to the miraculous birth of Jesus, the screenplay delves deep into the trials and tribulations faced by Mary, Joseph, and other key figures in the Bible during Mary's pregnancy. Set in a time period that transports viewers to the biblical era, the script beautifully portrays the unwavering faith and resilience of Mary as she navigates the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the birth of the Messiah. With the script now complete, Director Daric Gates is actively seeking investors who share his passion for bringing this awe-inspiring tale to life on the big screen.

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