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1531 Films is dedicated to using film to convey the message of the gospel in a way that is both educational and entertaining. We create feature length films and short form films that reach a wide variety of people—from young adults to grandmothers and everyone in between. We use cinematic storytelling and creative visuals to tell stories that explore faith, forgiveness, and hope. Our aim is to use film to illustrate the Christian message, not only to spread hope and joy, but also to bring more people to the dearest of our hearts—Jesus. We strive to be a light in this dark world and to bring people to not only know Jesus, but to have a true, personal relationship with him.

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Completed October 2022

The award winning short film Lead me to the Cross is about Diane a college student who is living life to the fullest.  With a solid background growing up she is responsible and hard working.  Until she finds out she is pregnant with an ex-boyfriends baby.  She soon finds herself looking for answers not only to her situation but to life.

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Lead me to the Cross Best Short Film Award White Laurels CFF Oct 22.png.webp
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Completed March 2023

Teaming up with Deanaland Productions, this story of a single mother and her daughter have an incredibly close bond, however, cracks start to form when the mother keeps secrets from her daughter out of fear. With her mother’s silence, the daughter begins to resent her and the distance between them begins to grow. When the daughter finds out her mother’s secret, she must make a hard decision: accept her mother for who she is or completely condemn her and their relationship. Will the mother and daughter be able to rebuild the trust they once had?


Script done and seeking Investors

Three great childhood friends are separated as they grow up: Ome is named warrior leader of the Aztecs, Xochi becomes a sensitive artist, and Cuau adopts the faith of the Spanish missionaries and becomes Juan Diego.

In 1531 their world is on the verge of collapse, just as a conspiracy hatched by the evil spirit Nahualli and the Spanish General threatens the fragile peace in those lands. But a real miracle is about to happen, and it will be the key for the three friends to believe that coexistence is possible, giving way to the union of the two peoples, to their cultural and racial mixing, and to the birth of the great Mexican nation.

Script done and seeking Investors

VIRGIN BIRTH is a biblical thriller and drama in the tradition of Passion of the Christ, The Chosen, and Ten Commandments; based on the gospel account of the birth of Jesus. 

However, this story will explore the spiritual battle and the testing of faith that both Mary and Joseph had to overcome.

This feature film brings the audience into Mary’s perspective as she has just encountered the Angel Gabriel who tells her she has been chosen by God to give birth to his son. It’s a trivial event where Mary is filled with the raw human emotion of anxiety, fear,

excitement, and despair. She’s challenged with the obstacle of blindly trusting the Lord’s plan while trying to convince her fiancé Joseph that she’s pregnant with God’s son.

Screenplay currently being written 

"Borderline: Shadows of Redemption" is a heart-stopping feature that explores the thin line between good and evil, the power of faith in the face of unspeakable horrors, and the redemption that can be found in the most unexpected places. In a world consumed by darkness, will Francisco's unwavering faith and God's divine intervention be enough to overcome the malevolence that threatens to engulf them all?

Screenplay currently being written 

Everybody Talks to God a is a story about an alcoholic man who frequents a bar every night, filled with hate and anger towards life and himself. He plants himself in a corner, alone, and with no one to talk to. One night, a new bartender arrives and strikes up a conversation with the man and asks him about his life. The bartender tells him about God and how faith, no matter how lost or distant, can help him find a way out of his seemingly hopeless situation. The bartender’s words begin to touch the mans heart, and he begins to ponder his life and the possibilities of living it in a different light. Will the man find a way to open himself up to God, despite his struggles with faith, and find solace in something greater?

Screenplay currently being written 

Broken and desperate, Heather struggles to find her place in the world after losing her father and grandmother one after another. Hoping to find peace, solace and control, she turns to New Age religion and eventually to witchcraft, as a way to fill her emptiness. As her life spirals out of control with drugs and sex, Heather does her best to deny God and the possibility of a greater power. But when strange occurrences start to happen, Heather begins to sense that God is calling to her, reminding her of the power of faith. Will Heather be able to answer the call of faith and reconnect with her higher power?

Screenplay currently being written 

Kelly is a woman who has been to many different churches in her search for a spiritual home. Having settled for a non-denominational church, she meets and falls in love with a Catholic man. In an effort to make it work, she converts to Catholicism and begins to practice many of the Church’s teachings. However, Kelly still struggles to understand and accept the true presence of the Eucharist. One day, while attending Eucharistic Adoration, Kelly gets an intense feeling that Jesus is touching her. She has a revelation that Jesus is truly present and comes to understand the true meaning behind the Eucharist. Can this new faith lead her down a new path of love and understanding?

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