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Patrick Rivera


Patrick Rivera is a highly accomplished film producer and director with an impressive career spanning 35 years in the film industry. With a deep-rooted belief in his Catholic faith, he has dedicated his craft to evangelization through the powerful medium of film.

Throughout his career, Patrick has been involved in numerous projects that have captivated audiences and touched hearts around the world. His passion for storytelling, combined with his unwavering commitment to his faith, has resulted in the creation of thought-provoking and spiritually uplifting films.

Patrick's journey as a cradle Catholic has greatly influenced his work. He believes in the power of cinema to not only entertain but also inspire and transform lives. Through his films, he aims to convey important messages of hope, redemption, and the beauty of faith, inviting viewers to reflect upon their own spiritual journeys.


As the owner of Trick Entertainment, Patrick Rivera spearheads a multifaceted entertainment company that encompasses various aspects of the industry. Under his leadership, the company has gained a reputation for its unwavering commitment to creativity, innovation, and quality.

In addition to his role in Trick Entertainment, Rivera is also the co-owner of Trick 6 Films, an esteemed production company dedicated to bringing captivating stories to the silver screen. Together with his team, Rivera has fostered an environment that encourages bold and imaginative filmmaking, resulting in a portfolio of critically acclaimed and commercially successful projects.

Beyond his creative work, Patrick is known for his humility, integrity, and unwavering dedication to his craft. He is deeply committed to using his talents to make a positive impact on society, and his films serve as a testament to his unwavering commitment to evangelization.

Patrick Rivera's contributions to the film industry and his steadfast commitment to spreading the message of faith through his work have made him a highly respected figure in both Catholic and cinematic circles. His legacy as a film producer and director continues to inspire and touch the lives of audiences worldwide.



Company Profiles


Trick Entertainment

In 1991, Patrick Rivera embarked on a remarkable journey by establishing his own production company. With a passion for creativity and a keen eye for visual storytelling, he began his venture by producing and directing music videos and music EPKs (Electronic Press Kits). Patrick's innate talent for capturing the essence of artists and their music quickly gained recognition, allowing him to forge strong relationships within the industry. As his company flourished, so did his repertoire, expanding beyond music-related projects. Patrick continued to push the boundaries of his craft by producing and directing promotional material, documentaries, and short films. His dedication to showcasing compelling narratives and his commitment to excellence have made him a sought-after name in the world of visual production. From his humble beginnings in 1991 to his current endeavors, Patrick Rivera's artistic vision and unwavering passion continue to shape the landscape of media production.


Trick 6 Films

In a transformative collaboration, Patrick Rivera joined forces with business partner Richard Siegelman to establish their company, Trick 6 Films. Recognizing the power of synergy, Trick 6 Films partnered with MRP Entertainment to finance and produce their inaugural film, "Evil at the Door." This marked a significant milestone for the company as they delved into the world of feature films. The success of their debut project propelled them forward, and Trick 6 Films went on to produce the critically acclaimed hit "Rebroken." Building on their achievements, Patrick and his team are currently engrossed in the production of a highly anticipated miniseries titled "The Product." Through their strategic alliances, creative vision, and unwavering commitment to storytelling, Trick 6 Films continues to make an indelible impact in the realm of cinematic production.


1531 Films

Deeply rooted in his faith, Patrick Rivera, a devout Catholic, has found a profound calling to utilize his creative talents in the service of the church and the message of Jesus. With unwavering dedication, he has embarked on a path to produce religious films and created 1531 Films and has aimed at evangelizing and spreading the teachings of Christ.  The critically acclaimed debut short film "Led me to the Cross" has been recognized throughout the film world being selected for 12 domestic and international film festivals.

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